How do you keep your hands from getting sticky when rolling a hemp blunt?

Olive oil is an all-time favorite, but you can also use margarine and even peanut butter. Just remember that, unlike alcohol, these don't evaporate and leave behind a little fat, so it's best to try this method over a sink. When using a blunt wrapper, instead of using water to seal the end, honey is used. Some people say that a honey blunt tastes better than a regular one because it burns slower and smoother.

However, if honey is used instead of water to seal the joint, it may be more difficult to smoke and clog the tip. Packing the joint helps prevent the milkshake from falling off when burned. Gently fold the paper in half without creasing, and then roll it back and forth between your fingers. The warmth of your hands will cause the sticky milkshake to clump.

Make sure you don't overlook the center to keep the joint well even. Hold the tobacco wrapper with one hand, usually the non-dominant hand. Place your forefinger and thumb so that you form the U-shaped wrapper. Now, take a pinch of ground marijuana and place it inside the tobacco wrapper, forming a line that runs through the entire wrapper.

Make sure you don't fill it too much, as you still need enough space to wrap the tobacco leaf in a cylinder that completely encloses the cannabis. Finally, the type of smoking paper you use is the most important element of a blunt, since the tobacco leaf wrapper is the very definition of what makes a blunt a blunt.

Leland Kail
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