Can you use other herbs in addition to hemp when rolling a blunt?

Herbal blends or smoke blends that combine marijuana and dried flowers, such as lavender, or medicinal plants such as mullein, help improve the flavor of smoke and can dramatically improve its effects. The first reason is to improve the taste of the mixture. Aromatic herbs such as rosemary, lavender, or Damiana work best for this. The second reason is to provide additional benefits from blending.

For example, if you're making a nighttime mix, you can add soothing herbs such as chamomile, blue lotus flower, or lavender. The third reason is to nullify the unwanted side effects caused by marijuana. A common example is reducing smoke intensity with herbs such as mullein. Tobacco is commonly added to cannabis to create a stimulating smoke mix.

Once the leaves of the tobacco plant are harvested, they are cured and dried, making it easy to add them to a smoke mix for a hand-rolled cigarette or a pipe. Although in our current culture, tobacco often has a complicated reputation, it has had many uses throughout history. Tobacco contains nicotine, which can stimulate you mentally and physically. Adding mullein to your herbal mix can help you achieve a smoother smoke.

If you think smoking cannabis is too hard on your throat, mullein is an excellent addition to your personalized smoke mix. Mullein has some properties that can minimize some of the coughs normally associated with smoking and reduce dryness. Adding dried rose petals to a smoke mix is a great way to improve flavor and fragrance. Dried roses have long been used for a variety of purposes.

Roses are also known as aphrodisiacs, so when included in an herbal smoke mix, rose petals can offer mild euphoric benefits. The herb spearmint or “mint” can be an excellent addition to a cannabis smoke mix. Mint adds a refreshing flavor to marijuana. It is considered to have rejuvenating and revitalizing properties for the body and mind.

Peppermint has a profile of relaxing effects and, when smoked, can make the effects of the herb a little stronger. In some cases, smoking mint has been compared to the taste of menthol and could be a good substitute for menthol cigarettes for those looking to quit smoking cigarettes. Lavender is a pleasant herb to smoke, thanks to its refreshing, light and aromatic flavor. It's best known for its calming benefits.

This is a good herb to include in blends designed to facilitate deeper relaxation. Lavender offers the added benefit of softening the hardness of smoke and making it much less caustic to the throat and lungs. The blue lotus flower can be dried and added to herbal smoke mixes. It has a calming effect that improves the qualities of marijuana and adds to the mind-expanding effects.

The blue lotus flower contains the compounds apomorphine and nuciferine. These compounds are considered mild narcotics and tend to induce feelings of lucidity. Many users who add blue lotus flower to herbal blends suggest that it increases the intensity of dreams. This plant, the blue verbena (Verbena hastata), has some ethnobotanical uses.

The light violet flowers of the blue verbena plant can be smoked in cannabis blends when dried. It has a relaxing effect that tends to calm excessive mental conversations. When smoked, blue verbena reduces stress, tension and nervousness. Its properties help to relax the mind and are even said to be uplifting.

Some users suggest that blue verbena has helped them achieve states of lucid dreaming or astral projection. Lemon balm (also known as Melissa) is closely related to peppermint. Instead of offering a minty flavor, lemon balm has a characteristic sweet, citrusy flavor that goes well with cannabis sativa varieties. Mixing herbs with marijuana can improve your experience and provide more delicious flavors and aromas thanks to natural terpenes.

Many herbs can be a great substitute for tobacco in a joint and be pleasant to consume. Herbs can produce different effects on their own, and some can enhance the effects of cannabis. There is no single way to mix herbs with marijuana, but combining them based on terpenes is a common method that will provide a tasty and delicious experience. You can smoke the herbal mixture by rolling them in a joint, using a bowl or a pipe, or even a steamer.

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