Are there any special techniques for packing your rolled blunts tightly before smoking them?

Once you fill the cone, it's time to start packing. We recommend using a cone packer, toothpick, or any other thin accessory to pack the cone. Use a roll-up tray (or magazine) and hold the blunt wrapper with one hand while filling it with marijuana with the other hand. It's hard to describe the perfect way to hold this, but it's like holding a cannoli.

You can't hold it vertically, but it's not perfectly horizontal either. Find a position where you feel like it won't slip, but that doesn't require you to tighten it. To pack the pre-roll correctly, place a small amount of flower on the bottom of the paper and pack it with the straw. This will help you get started.

Then fill up little by little, packing along the way. Be careful not to tighten it too tight so that it cannot pass air, because if you pack it too loosely it burns too quickly and unevenly. To check how tight you are packing, use your index finger and thumb to lightly check the filling as you pack it. Be sure to leave about a quarter of an inch free from the top so that you can seal it.

Leland Kail
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